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About Macy

I am a perpetual planner.  From a young age it was apparent I was meant to be in the event industry, when I handed my mom a list of activities, groceries and movies necessary for my 6th birthday party (which by the way was a complete success!). More than 20 years later, I have grown & developed these skills into coordinating over 200 events ranging from 10 – 1000 guests. 
I thrive in the fast-paced day to day event chaos and possess the ability and knowledge to solve any problem that arises quickly and as under the radar as possible. I am a natural connector; the type of person that brings friends and families together in memorable and creative ways that might not otherwise have been were it not for my persistence and passion for making all occasions special.

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Mrs. Bride, Mr. Groom

The Small Details

Planning a wedding is no easy feat and can get very overwhelming, very quickly!


Event coordinators think differently - logistics and minuscule details are my absolute passion and I am here to relieve any stress you may have during this special time in your life.

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